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Sustainable living and stunning views await you.

Live at the heat of Patagonia. Discover Vista Baker lands!

Benefits and Features

Discover the comparative advantages of a true sustainable project.


Sustainable development

Immerse yourself in an environmentally conscious lifestyle and live in harmony with nature. Our development is properly integrated into the Patagonian environment, thanks to its environmentally friendly design and sustainable practices.

Vista Baker Restauración

Smart Investment

Investing in this project is making an intelligent decision from a financial point of view. The area has seen steady growth in value, driven by both its natural beauty and increased tourism. By purchasing, you are putting your money in a tangible asset (plot) with great potential for appreciation.


Prime location

Vista Baker is strategically located, offering much more than just a plot. Enjoy the comfort of your refuge while exploring the various tourist attractions in the surrounding area. Your address is not just a location, but a destination that reflects your unique style.


Limited availability

With more than 23% of the project sold, availability is reducing. Additionally, parcels near the Baker River have limited supply due to a lack of permits for new parcels. Once sold, there will be no other opportunity like this. 


Community and Lifestyle

Your Plot is more than just a place; It is the heart of a prosperous community that maintains the productive vocation of the fields. We generate links with local actors and form a network of mutual support, thus creating a community that nourishes and prospers together.


Quality of life

Escape to a haven of serenity within our sustainable real estate development. Immerse yourself in a picturesque landscape that offers tranquility and breathtaking views. Our carefully selected location provides a serene retreat from the hustle and bustle, allowing you to relax in the beauty of Patagonian nature.

Testimonials and Publications


Featured in The Guardian - Explore our real estate development as highlighted by this prestigious publication.Read more


Look at the article about the sports festival that took place in Vista Baker, where the main representatives of national trekking participated. (Spanish). Read more

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It is a pleasure to be part of a project that allows you to closely enjoy a unique place in the world such as the Carretera Austral in front of the Baker River, consciously and in tune with local traditions, which makes this a unique experience.

Raimundo De la Sotta

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Fernando De Urruticoechea

Buying at a great place like Vista Baker has been my gateway to one of the most outstanding places in Patagonia. Being in the midst of such unique natural places fills me with satisfaction, especially when it comes to an investment that contributes to conservation and supports the preservation of local traditions.

Choose your Plot

Embark on an immersive journey with our 360° Virtual Tour and explore your future plot. Stroll through the picturesque landscapes, imagining the unique characteristics of each terrain. However, nothing compares to experiencing true magic in person. Schedule a visit or consultation to witness the beauty firsthand. Your dream home awaits you, and we are here to make it a reality.

Marble Cathedrals

Elegance sculpted by nature

Explore the stunning Marble Cathedrals, which are less than an hour away. You will be amazed by its exceptional beauty, which is a testament to the magnificent work carved by time and nature.


  • What does restoration consist of?
    The Restoration Plan is defined by 2 lines of action, which are associated with different areas of the field: 1) Active restoration and 2) Passive restoration. Both lines of action are each supported by a Real Right of Conservation (explained below). Active Restoration is defined by reforestation with native species. To date we have 8,000 reforested plants in joint work with the Reforestemos Foundation. The goal is to reach 30,000 plants and cover the main areas that have been affected by human action. Passive Restoration is focused on the 400 hectare area that is outside the reforestation area and plots. We work together with Fundación Espora, (who are our strategic partners in conservation) to create a long-term Plan. We are taking the first steps, with the aim of defining the ecosystem value of this large area, the key species and ecosystems and also characterizing threats to conservation. With this information collected, the Plan will include specific actions in the short, medium and long term that allow us to increase ecosystem value, create biological corridors and provide opportunities for the local community to execute these actions.
  • Do the plots have water and electricity?
    Water and electricity, the plots currently do not have. The project is agricultural so it is not sold urbanized. However, work was done on both projects so that they were carried out with the least possible impact. It is contemplated that since the project is over 70% sold, the parcel owners will be offered to carry out both projects (this percentage is spoken of simply so that the quota for each parcel is not high, it is considered between $3-5MM, this can change to as time passes, if more plots are added, etc.). But the electricity connection passes through the same land, in fact the plot of the Gaucho who lives there has electricity and water. Either way you could install panels and make a well.
  • What is the DRC or Real Right of Conservation?
    The DRC is the Royal Conservation Law, within it areas with objectives and objects of conservation/restoration are established. Within the area of plots there is a coexistence annex and another for construction, where the idea is to avoid the impact as much as possible, broadly speaking the important thing is: a.- a maximum surface area of 500 or 750 meters can be built depending on the m2 of the plot. b.- water treatment plants must be installed. c.- maximum construction height no more than 4.5 meters from the highest part of the plot. d.- maximum of 2 pets per plot, in which case you must ensure that the perimeter is closed so that they do not escape. e.- wooden or live fences. f.- delimited and specific construction area (I leave you an example in the image below).
  • How do I get to the project?
    - From Santiago - Plane to Balmaceda Airport (Coyhaique) then car or bus to Puerto Bertrand. (Faster) - From Puerto Montt – Bus (with respective barges) to Coyhaique and then to Puerto Bertrand or Cochrane. Plane from Tepuhal airport to Coyhaique. - From Coyhaique – Bus or car to Puerto Bertrand. If you have questions, contact us and we will give you the route according to your needs.
  • Are there building regulations?
    Yes, to ensure that the project is in accordance with the concept of eco habitability and harmony with the environment, there are the following standards. a) Each plot has a specific intervention area that was designed in the most open area of ​​the plot and where there were no important natural elements (forests, wetlands or valuable species). b) Additionally, there is an area for family use corresponding to a radius of 7 m exclusively around the main construction (in cases of barbecue areas inserted within the intervention area, there is no area for family use), where gardens may be planted, crops and gardens with specific considerations, as well as wooden paths, gravel, rest areas and viewpoints (parking lots, service patios or terraces do not count). c) There is a maximum buildable surface area, which corresponds to a percentage of the intervention area to locate any construction. Within the 5000 m2 plots, the maximum buildable area is 500m2. Plots of 9000m2 have a maximum buildable area of ​​750m2. d) When carrying out the architectural project of your house you must take into account that you must have a water treatment plant to recycle the water and not contaminate the groundwater, there are 3 pre-approved systems (activated sludge, toha and biofilters), septic tanks they are forbidden. e) Another point to consider is that the project you are going to build must have a maximum height of 4.5 meters from the highest point of the plot, and must be approved by an architectural committee.
  • Is there a maintenance expense?
    If there is a maintenance expense for the Real Right of Conservation, which at the moment is 1.4 UF per month, which begins to be paid from the moment the plot is registered in your name. It is predicted that they will rise to 1.7 UF, as the community grows and conservation/restoration efforts increase (this is since 0.3 UF is added that goes directly to the DRC Guarantor Foundation).
  • Are there rules of coexistence?
    Yes. These standards seek to achieve the following objectives: a) Define the rights and responsibilities between neighbors to achieve good coexistence and comply with the objectives of the Royal Conservation Law. b) Define the monthly fee that each neighbor must contribute to the conservation costs of the project. c) Establish the administration of the common assets of the community, as well as fines for non-compliance with obligations. d) Establish the obligations of the Neighborhood Assembly, the Administrative Committee and the Administrator. e) Establish the frequency of meetings and decision-making quorum.
  • Is there civilization nearby?
    Yes, there are three towns in the vicinity of the project. Puerto Bertrand is just 10 minutes away, and there you will find a wide variety of options related to adventure sports, tours, sale of firewood, basic groceries and a medical post in case of emergencies. 30 minutes away is Puerto Guadal, where in addition to what was mentioned above, you can stock up on fuel and there is a police station. Finally, 50 minutes away is Cochrane, a place where you will find supermarkets, a notary, a landing strip for small planes and a public hospital with capacity for 7 clinical beds.
  • Is it a condo?
    What is being sold is not a condominium, a lot is being sold with special intervention rules. This lot is within a conservation park and within a regenerative livestock production area. Anyway, The plots that are sold are subject to a set of community coexistence rules, which has a structure similar to a condominium (monthly expenses, speed limits, maintenance, etc.), but has a series of extra rules and limitations depending on of the conservation and restoration objectives of the project (buildable m2, pet ownership, types of garden, etc...).
  • Does the project have a river bank?
    Yes. The project has 400 meters of river bank, which are intended for common use and the Vista Baker community. Part of the project is to make a dock to be able to enjoy the River in a better way.
  • Can you go visit?
    Yes, you can always schedule visits. Ideally, they should be scheduled 1 month in advance or more. But anyway we can organize it with less time.
  • What is the access like?
    Access to the park is via Route 7, also known as the Southern Highway. In addition, a road has been built that directly connects Route 7 with each of the lots. Maintenance work is carried out so that it can be traveled throughout the year and that there are no access problems.
  • What do I do if I am a foreigner?
    If you are a foreigner, contact us to receive detailed assistance in the process of purchasing your plot in Patagonia.
  • Purchasing process
    -First, to reserve the plot of your interest, you must deposit the required reservation fee of 500,000 CLP (Chilean Pesos) or approximately 580 USD. With this, the plot is blocked to potential buyers. - Second, once the reservation is signed you must decide your payment method, we show you the options below: You can pay in cash, with direct credit or mortgage credit. The direct credit alternative is made by paying an initial payment of either 40%, 50%, 60% of the value of the land, and the rest in installments over 12, 24 or 36 months. In any case we can see cases. -Third, we will contact you to send you the promise of sale or deed according to your payment method.


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Plots from 20.500 USD


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