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How do we work?

We promote an eco-livability model based on four pillars: Low-impact design, Conservation, Restoration and Community.



Together with a multidisciplinary group, the project is designed in such a way that human intervention is as little as possible: identifying and caring for the most important elements of the ecosystem and local cultures.



The model prioritizes the recovery and protection of the project's soils, promoting respect and coexistence in harmony with nature.


We constitute the project's conservation rights (DRC: Derecho Real de Conservación, a legal tool that seeks to promote the participation of the private sector in heritage conservation) both on the protected area, as well as on the agricultural lots. This remains in the hands of a foundation independent of us, which is in charge of maintaining conservation standards.



The projects maintain the productive vocation of the fields, as a way to generate links with local actors, in order to form a community that shares the same conservation values and form a mutual support network.

Our partners

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The objective of the Foundation will be to promote the participation of the community through activities that will integrate the spiritual, physical, psychological and social spheres.

Its purpose is to build a society linked, benefited and interrelated with nature.


Regenerative Livestock seeks, among other things, the recovery and improvement of meadows and soils through the use of animals.

The objective of these areas is to contribute to the preservation of the lifestyle and culture of the local inhabitants. This plan will be led by Nicolás Bitsch.

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